Norisco/Middle Temple Case Study



The organisation.

This modern institution with a progressive outlook has a long and distinguished history, Middle Temple is one of four Inns of Court with the exclusive right to call students to the Bar in England and Wales. A professional society with a worldwide membership, the Inn delivers training to students and barristers, operates a law library and offers a professional working environment for members.

The challenge.

For an organisation committed to providing the best possible service for a wide range of members, clients and tenants, smooth operation is the primary concern at Middle Temple.

This is particularly true when it comes to protecting business critical data and assuring the integrity and continuity of Middle Temple’s critical IT systems and applications.

Middle Temple’s offsite back-up solution, however, was proving increasingly difficult to manage.

While planned disaster recovery simulations could take weeks to schedule, the real concern was the shared data centre environment operated by its current Managed Services Provider (MSP).

This model locked Middle Temple’s data away in a shared space with data from other organisations. Data protection legislation then prohibited access for all but the service provider. Middle Temple had to submit data restoration requests – a long and frustrating process that served only to highlight its lack of control of its own data and archives.

A change had to be made.

Streamlining backup and recovery for an extensive range of data held on-premise – including emails, user file data and accounts data – was a top priority.

And, with a proven DR and business continuity strategy in place, Middle Temple could significantly reduce business risk, and limit its insurance liabilities.

The solution.

Middle Temple started looking for a partner with extensive experience working with organisations of a comparable size and specialism. Plus, it needed that partner to deliver the highest levels of customer care and support. In short, it was looking to build a relationship it could rely on in the long term.

Working in partnership with Core DataCloud, Norisco was able to provide a Backup (BaaS) and Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution that offered exactly the kind of offsite, fully scalable data backup and recovery Middle Temple’s multi-server environment called for.

Moreover, it delivers the assurance that all its data is held securely in UK-based data centres.

Upgrading Middle Temple’s wide area network connectivity to a fully managed Smart WAN connection was the first step to implementing a business continuity strategy that now incorporates a fully managed cloud backup service, complete with automated and fully encrypted backups for critical data every 15 minutes.

This multi-tiered approach eliminates any single point of failure and offers a variety of options when it comes to restoring data.

Business Results.

Today, the remotely managed backup and recovery service delivers a trusted platform on which the Society can meet its commitments to members, clients and staff.

Fully automated, the solution delivers daily disaster recovery testing that demonstrates full compliance and satisfies wider audit requirements.

Misplaced or accidently deleted files can be recovered in just minutes from the local backup repository, while should the worst happen the Society can failover its complete systems to run on the DR platform while local systems are recovered or repaired

Comprehensive annual disaster recovery tests are now easy to perform – giving Middle Temple the capabilities it needs to demonstrate its readiness to cope with any eventuality – from potential server failures to a full scale site evacuation

“I can confidently say that our members have the reassurance that, should disaster strike, we have a disaster recovery process in place which will enable us to quickly pick up all our activities and continue with business. Norisco and Core DataCloud delivered a solution that meets our exact requirements.” 

Henry Swaile, Systems Administrator, Middle Temple