ArcServe Middle Temple Case Study



Arcserve UDP safeguards backup and data recovery for historic Inn of Court


A historic professional legal society

The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple is one of four Inns of Court with the exclusive right tocall students to the Bar in England and Wales. Its long and distinguished history began with its founding in 1608 with the objective of providing education and offices for those practising or training in the field of law. Its core values are to promote diversity and access to the Bar by means of financial support to students, to maintain the Inn’s historic heritage and to provide professional accommodation and facilities to barristers, to achieve a high standard of advocacy in support of the rule of law and to promote the ethos of the Bar and maintain high professional standards in the public interest.


Simplifying data protection

Middle Temple is committed to providing its members, clients, staff and tenants with the best possible service. The backbone of smooth operations for any organisation is protecting business-critical data and assuring the integrity and continuity of core IT systems and applications. The society was reliant on its managed services provider to deliver an offsite disaster recovery solution, however, it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and Middle Temple lacked control over its data.

Planned disaster recovery simulations could take several weeks to schedule, leaving the society at risk in the interim. But the more pressing concern was caused by the shared datacentre environment. The data was stored in a shared space with backups from other organisations, but due to data protection legislation, only the service provider itself had direct access to the data.